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Friday, 20 May 2016

A world of corruption

New Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has been acquitted of match fixing, or at least of having knowledge of his side doing it and not reporting it.

Roberto Mancini has been acquitted of a fraudulent bankruptcy charge after prosecutors asked for a three nad a half year jail term.

It is hardly surprising the football world views Italian football with suspicion and it doesn't help matters when they are allowed to buy players with third party ownership, the dame as they do in Spain and Portugal., where sides like Benfica and Porto are built on third part South American purchases.

Clubs say it allows them to compete with the richer clubs in Europe, critics say it allows corruption and outside influence to creep into the game. Third party owners are not allowed to influence where a player is transferred to but it would tale a fool to believe they don't take an active interest in accruing profits off their asset. It was reported by Duncan Castles at The Times that third party owners wanted Marcos Rojo to be transferred to manchester United.

In Italy you can co-own a player, in the way that Juventus and Sassuolo own striker Domenico Berardi. While their is a resti=riction of Premier League players playing against their parent club for a loan club, there isn't in other countries. Should not the rules of European football all be the same and centrally controlled?

Trouble is both UEFA and FIFA have shown corruption in power themselves, at the very highest level.

There is news of doping from the last two Olympics, hardly a surprise, news of a Premier League footballer betting, again hardly a surprise,  given how weak the FA are. They can't even protect referees from Chelsea mobbing them all the time and thus, at best, giving dodgy decisions in their favour. In my view referees need more rugby union style protection.

The head of security for Euro 2016, Ziad Khoury said on Tuesday that an innovative anti-drone technology would be used to intercept craft that break a no-fly order over French stadiums. What id the world coming to, countries actually send drones with cameras to spy on opposition training, this isn't just fans drones they are talking about.

The system "will interfere with drones and take control of them". This was a "deterrent measure never before used in a sporting event," he continued. The no-fly zone will be declared over all 10 of the tournament's stadiums and the training camps of the 24 national teams.
Whatever happened to sport?


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