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Friday, 6 May 2016

A non-existent massive blow apparently

A Non-Existent Massive Blow Apparently

A non-existent massive blow apparently

Tottenham ready record breaking offer to secure lethal marksman, massive blow for Man United and Chelsea

How is it a massive blow to two clubs that haven't a chance of signing him in the first place?

Harry Kane has stated many times that he isn't leaving Tottenham and he doesn't want to. Why do people conveniently forget this? Both Manchester United and Chelsa are not even in the Champions League next season as it stands, Chelsea are guaranteed not to have any European football, they can't even qualify for the UEFA Europa League!

How do the Daily Mail know about supposed figures in an upcoming private contract negotiation?

Answer id they don't, they are taking a guess.

Tottenham have just played Chelsea and given that this was the only game Chelsea appear to have tried in this season plus the verbal and physical abuse this disgusting club subjected our angels to, why would Harry Kane want to go there?

Harry Kane has a clean-cut image, he didn't complain when Gary Cahill kept going right through the back of him with the consent of Mark Clattenburg who didn't even have the guts to have a word with the Chelsea defender, let alone book him. harry Kane is a marketing man's dream, Chelsea on the other hand old the nickname Cheatski and has an image of spoilt children.

Who in their right mind goes for another man's genitalia? Or allows their players to get away with shooting people? Is that the sort of club Harry Kane would want to be associated with? Of course not.

If Harry Kane had to learn to bully referees the Chelsea way, then his clean-cut image would go out the window, making him less marketable off the field. Players earn far much more off the field than they earn on it.

Manchester United and Chelsae are nothing special, they aren't in the same league as Real Madrid and Barcelona, they are like a working man pretending to be gentry. Reporters act as if they have a divine right to a player or an irresistible pull, they don't.

Harry Kane will not be going anywhere and he wouldn't be even if there were no more contract negotiations. Negotiating aa contract each year and performance bonuses is merely a sensible business tactic and ensures an asset retains its value to a club.

 Quite why some get so excited over a non-event is a mystery.




  1. If united is not in the same class as barcelona and real madrid then which club is.wait lemme guess spurs ryt.which top class global superstar will chose spurs over united even without champions league football.spurs will never ever be as big as united never.

  2. I am presuming the same way that you know 100% we have signed a deal with Nike, and will dump UA. One of your last posts told us how The Daily Mail says Danny is looking for a £25 million naming rights deal, (Not nearly enough with an NFL Franchise coming, in my opinion), and has already secured the £25 million Nike deal. Were you in the room too when pen hit paper? Taking one thing they say as gospel, and calling the rest bollocks is a total nonsense. The Daily Mail is the lowest standard of journalism you will find. Pure stories, nothing more. I told everybody Poch will sign a new deal to the exact year 2021. Players have signed and would have been ragging him like crazy, about when he will. Now the others will sign. Eriksen, Verts, Coco, Loris et al. The entire future of the club is melted together, no one wants to leave. What is happening is very special, and everyone connected with the club knows it. Andros did not want to leave, begged to go on loan. Even with his wages up x 4 he still wanted to stay. The future of our club is mind blowing. We truly have no limits to how far this club can go. Anybody that believes this shit is crazy. We are building a multi venue, with 180 room hotel, which will host concerts, NFL teams, and all sorts. Just because Danny had a meeting, does not mean anything. He has to have meetings to establish the true value of our brand. Otherwise he would not be doing his job. AEG meeting in the Daily Fail, equals, AEG buying Spurs. Nonsense, AEG sounded out as to whether the venue can be used for concerts/exhibitons etc. 2 + 2 = 5. Read between the lines people. It is not what you are being told, it is what you are not being told. This site is for me the most informative on the web, but I do tend to disagree with the direction of Spurs, and what has happened in the past, with regards to getting the club to where we are now. And staying there. I think anyone who puts Danny down, is not a Yid, under any circumstances. Either that or they really do not understand business at all. Danny has a duty, responsibility to the club, to get the best deal for us, and that includes listening to companies he has no intention of using. This ground has been at least 10 years in the making. It will be the ultimate ground, and money earner. What Danny has done is truly incredible, when this finally comes too fruition, everyone that slagged him off will have a very different opinion. Harry is our poster boy, true gent, and is certainly not leaving this club. NOBODY wants to leave. He is a catalyst to propel this club towards a golden era.



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