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Friday, 27 May 2016

£6m, £2m, £4m, £8m

Once minute it was £6 million (€7.88m - US$8.81m - AUS$12.23m).
Then for some inexplicable reason a reporter decides it is £2 million (€2.63m - US$2.94m - AUS$4.08m), which oh so many websites in NewsNow fell for.
Now it is £4 million (€5.26m - US$5.87m - AUS$8.15m).
And a guess that Daniel Levy's figure is £8 million (€10.51m - US$11.75m - AUS$16.31m).

A reprise of the much loved Bureau de Change!

Yes, it's the Ryan Mason roadshow again folks. This time, Crystal Palace ate after the midfielder following on from the Bournemouth interest. These are not the only two clubs interested. The club are receiving plenty of enquiries for the availability of our squad players, as you would expect.

£6m, £2m, £4m, £8m - it's Mason again

It isn't new, it happens every window. Clubs never know when a player may become available so naturally ask each window and ask to be kept informed of any developments. Any player who leaves the club will leave because he isn't a major part of Mauricio Pochettino's plans. The players are happy, Tottenham is a happy place to be, the squad are young and get on very well together, nobody is making waves to leave, which isn't to say some of them won't.

If you are a mid table club then naturally you look at teams above you and see if you can get players cheap who are not getting the regular football that perhaps they want. If Bournemouth or Crystal Palace could pick up Ryan Mason he'd be a huge asset to them.

Think back to his performance against Arsenal at White Hart Lane last season, he was everywhere until he got injured, a brilliant performance. He was considered good enough to be called up by England so he isn't the dreadful player some seem to be portraying him as. Fans do like to go overboard, they rave about players they have never even seen.

You have to love the lesser spotted forum dweller.

There is no doubt his performances towards the end of the season were not up to par but on the plus side he has generally shown the type of mentality that we need at the club. His performance levels can increase, his role is to move the side forward and move the ball from side to side quickly. he does that because he kicks the ball harder than others, sound simple I know, but it makes a difference, when attacking a big difference. It's the difference between going on to create an opportunity or not having the opportunity to create one.

Will he stay, will he go, I don't know, but I'm not writing him off over a couple of games, he may still be well able to do a squad job for us. I won't mind either way what happens.


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