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Sunday, 15 May 2016

2 pts out of 12 pathetic relegation football

Well, that game and the previous game showed there is a big question mark over quite a few players, who to be blunt gave up towards the end of the season.

Against WBA, the attacking midfielders stopped running and were too frightened of losing. When that happens you stay behind the ball and stop making the runs forward, you don't pass the ball quickly and by that, I don't mean you get and give quickly but the actual strength with which you kick the ball.

The receiving player has to stand and wait for the ball to arrive. At the back, Aldeweireld and Vertonghen stopped going wide so Dier dropping between them meant we had three players fairly central.

The attacking midfielders were not making runs so we had nobody to pass to and Harry Kane was on his own. In the first half against Newcastle we were not closing down as a team we were doing it as individuals, which turns us into an ordinary side. The performance was totally unacceptable, totally unprofessional.

Anyone can play when things are going well but taking 2 points out of 12 is relegation standard, yet again we give Arsenal bragging rights for the summer. That's fine for people whose only life is the TV, but not for anyone who works or socialises.

More importantly though, it shows that some players have mental weaknesses and that means that it could surface at any time. It's exactly the type of weakness we have had to try and eradicate. There is a lot of work to do if the players can't motivate themselves to beat Arsenal because that is what this game amounted to.

We were found wanting and that is worrying.



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