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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Will Spurs impose themselves on Liverpool?

It should be an interesting game today with Liverpool at the stage we were at last season, learning a new system under a new manager. Like ourselves, they have had both good and bad results. I remember when Brendan Rogers took over they spent a year learning how he wanted them to play and were poor for that season, then they took off the following season finishing second.

The side had Sturridge and Suarez, once Suarez left though they were not the same side which shows fans that any side should not be built around one player. It is sustainable if that player leaves and having a club that can play sustainable football is essential for any long-term success.

Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino has developed a style of playing, which, as we have seen this season, can be continued if any player isn't available. Of course it helps if you have talented players within the squad, but a club who plays a sustainable brand of football will attract players. Agents and their clients are not daft, they look at clubs, where they are at, where they are going and can assess for themselves whether it would be a good career move for them to join any particular club.

A Tottenham side in the Champions League playing a brand of football that develops players and has been shown to work with players at a higher level with each move Pochettino has made. Strikers have always been reluctant to come to Spurs as basically we have had nothing to offer but hope, now we will have Champions League football to offer and by not scraping in through the back door and thus having to go through playoffs, we hope, our pull becomes greater.

For now, we rely on Harry Kane who is showing himself to be better than probably every Tottenham fan thought. Yes, we knew he was a goalscorer, but the fact he scores goals out of nothing regularly is a bonus, as is his work rate for the team.

Which Liverpool will turn up today, who knows. That makes the outcome unpredictable, but we are playing good football at present and go into every game confident. I'm looking forward to the game with optimism, there is nothing to fear and a poor Anfield record means nothing to a side with genuine belief in themselves.


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