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Friday, 29 April 2016

Wembley almost certain

Wembley Almost Certain

Wembley is almost certainly our home for the 2017/18 season with a reduced capacity of 50,000. The objections and perceived problems have been overcome by reducing the capacity and closing the top tier.

If that had remained open and the capacity remained the same then they would not be able to house the number of games we require the stadium for so reducing the capacity gets round the restrictions placed upon the stadium by the local council when it was built.

Go to any forum and you'll see arguments rage about Wembley, indeed about any stadium, with some believing we should stay at White Hart Lane and play around building work, which is hardly a viable option. All that would do is delay the building of the new stadium, it would never be finished in one season if that were the case, so that option is simply shooting ourselves in the foot.

Objections are raised about capacity and Arsenal not winning games there. What happened to Arsenal is their affair, we are in a different position than they are, what happened to them isn't an issue. We are not regulars in the UEFA Champions League yet so our games have the rarity factor. The Champions League will be a big pull for our fans so if we have that to offer as I fully expect us to have then the extra capacity will be a bonus.

Quite apart from that Wembley is a bigger pitch than White Hart Lane which will help us create holes in opposition defences and more chances for ourselves. It would be handy if we made a Cup Final and played the game at home!


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