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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Too early for Ball to replace Bentaleb?

Too early for Ball to replace Bentaleb?

Too early for Ball to replace Bentaleb?

With all due respect to Dominic Ball, why are some fans suggesting him as a replacement for Nabil Bentaleb?

We have a youth policy, yes, we develop from within, fine, but he is currently playing Scottish Championship football, the equivilent of Division 2. dele Alli made a leap, Ryan Mason made a leap, that doesn't mean every player can make a leap.

How many of these fans have actually watched him every week? None I would suspect, a highlights reel doesn't tell you a story, if it did we wouldn't need scouts. The guy is 20 (21 in August), different players develop at different speeds.

If we are going to be playing Champions League football we will need more experienced cover than Ball. Next season we will have to rotate more and we have to factor in injuries so while he could be added to a squad you would have though cmeo roles were more likely.

Bentaleb has been injured and presumably upset Pochettino when he went off to play for Algeria when Poch didn't deem him fit enough. That seems to have spelt the end for Bentaleb at Tottenham. He hasn't played much, but then Eric Dier hasn't been injured. What if he is next season?

Tom Carroll isn't good enough to play there, he is defnsively a liability, Mousa Dembele could play there, but then you weaken his position and if his replacement, presumably Mason, is playing who is then covering them to give them a rest?,Dominic Ball?

We will need a squad with depth and unless he shows something remarkable in training then he'll be league cups and substitute appearances, if we don't loan him out again to a higher level for the season of course.

I haven't seen him play regular either but we have to be mindful that just because he is young he will be an instant success or be able to play at Eric Dier's level.


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