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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Spider is not for us

the Turks are trying to foist Mehmet Topal on us as we will be needing another defensive midfielder to cover for Eric Dier nxt season. At 30 though he is too old for us, there are not enough years left in him to be a viable proposition.

Players start to lose their transfer worth when they hit 30, their fee plummets and doesn't rise again. The Spider as he is nicknamed because of his interceptions, is 31 next March and isn't someone we can spend time with learning and developing with our system. It is a young man's game for us and he certainly isn't young. There is plenty of experience in the Spurs side in the shape of Lloris, Vertonghen, Dembele, Walker and the likes of Alderweireld, Lamela and Eriksen have plenty of experience too.

We were reportedly watching him last summer and you would have thought that if we were going to make a move it would have been then, having said that he is available on a free transfer this summer.

A strategy is a strategy, it can be changed but does Topal come into the category of a special player, giving we will only sign someone over 27 if they are special. Has that transfer policy changd simply because we look like qualifying foir the Champions League, I don't think so. We arebuilding something and while he could be a free short-term measure Ijust  do not see it.


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