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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pochettino - long-term manager

Pochettino - Long-Term Manager

Pochettino - long term manager

I read a comment by someone that we must enjoy Pochettino now as he won't be around forever which to my mind is small town thinking. Why won't Poch be around for a long time?

The Premier League is th richest league in the world and the most high profile league. Tottenahm are moving into an era which will see us challenging regularly for trophies with a new stadium and new sponsorship generating the level of income that allows us to compete on a much more equal basis than the usual top four over rcent seaons.

We have a successful style of play that is still evolving and improving, which other clubs seem to have lost sight of, going with more individual flair than systems. Pochettino is a loyal man, he left Southampton becuase of a change of chairman and their January refusal to agree to back him in the summer transfer market.

He is creating the conveyor belt of youth we require, changing our mentality to that of winners and thus our motivation. he has only just started his project and will want to see the benefits of it. He has a chairman he gets on with, who has given him his trust in the transfer market.

Everything is at Tottenham and the future is one of growth. If Tottenham grow as they should and are competing on level terms then why would he need to leave? Do some of our fans believe we are inferior? I don't, I accept where we are, but I see us joining the top tier clubs. That has to be our anbition, it is pur anbition.

Real Madrid is a one season appointment, managers are constantly sacked . If you are building something, why go somewhere else and start again, where you may not be given the time. I see Pochettino being here for a long time, I have right from his appointment, in fact even before that. He was brough in as a long-term manager and nothing has changd, a long-term manager he remains.


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