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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pl don't enforce their own concussion rules

with Eric Dier feeling dizzy he could well miss the Chelsea game under the 7-day concussion rule, however, Chelsea showed in 2015 that the rule can be circumvented.

Thier goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois played for 13 minutes after a collision with Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal before being taken to hospital with suspected concussion. Jose Mourinho has demonstrated the result is more important than a players health after sacking the team doctor who ran onto the field to attend to an injury in the closing minutes of a game they weren't winning.

In the World Cup Final, there was a clear head injury and everyone could see a concussed German, Christoph Kramer still playing before being substituted. At the same World Cup Alvaro Pereira of Uruguay was concussed against England and still played on. Further evidence that player safety comes second to the team's achievement.

Chelsea got away with the conduct because the hospital gave the all-clear, but as there was a suspicion of concussion, he should have left the field. Can, therefore, a team simply use a different term instead of the word concussion to circumvent the rule?

The rules concern the symptoms of concussion, but the Premier League seem to have not enforced their own rules, which rather makes them useless. You don't go to hospital with suspected concussion if you haven't shown any signs of a concussion. It still seems to be a grey area where the club comes first.


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