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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Nuts, plain nuts

I despair for some of our fans at times when you read about them suggesting how Pochettino has learnt to use his subsititutes or that we should dribble past a defensive line to change our game or pump it to a big man.

Firstly you can't dribble when a defence and midfield are packed together with no spoace between ythem so that suggestion is lacks undertanding, as for suggesting we need a big man to cross to, that is making life easy for a defender. Look at foriegn defences when England have traditionally employed that tactic, all the top teams didn't have a problem with it, a pice of cake to defend.

The top teams don't change tactics in the way fans think, they don't use the mythical Plan B, they just do Plan A better or change the personnel doing it. Occasionally you'll get two up front instead of one, but to tatally change tactics to ons we have never had success with, nuts, plain nuts. Must be anti-leyites I suppose.

Suggestions of selling Son and Chadli are again well wide of the mark, neither will be going anywhere, both have shown rhey can play the system and have been interrupted by injuries this season. I would suggest those suggesting Son is out of his depth are out of their own depth.


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