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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Limited Edition Sponsorless Shirts

Limited Edition Sponsorless Shirts

i read that Barcelona are starting to manufacture next season's shirts with no sponsor on the front as they haven't agreed a deal with anyone yet. These first shirts that go on sale will have no sponsor and that makes me wonder.

There are plenty of fans who would buy a shirt with no sponsors name on it. I know the sponsor wants his name on a shirt, it is free advertising for them whenever a fan wears a shirt. Why do we not negotiate a limited edition number of shirts with the sponsors that we can sell without their name, just a plain shirt.

We would have to include it in negotiations and we couldn't have too many shirts without a sponsor on, but surely it would be possible to do something, say 5,000 or 10,000 of each strip. Sell them at a premium fee, I would have thought they would go pretty quickly.

Once it has been started then it can be done each season if it proves a success, as I'm sure it would. No other side does it so it creates uniqueness and gives us a marketing and publicity opportunity. It marks us out as different, as an innovative club and fits in with the brand image we promote to commercial sponsors.


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