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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Levy right to stick to price

Manchester United have put Memphis Depay up for sale at a fraction of the price they paid for him, which just goes to show Daniel Levy is right when sticking to his guns over prices.

The Dutch league is not a top tier league, yet the prices they want to charge are top tier prices. You should not pay for a player what he may or may not do in the future. You pay for the player as he is now, at the level he is at now, with an added amount for his potential. You can not go overboard with that element as you are taking all the risk. if he doesn't produce at a higher level or at another club then you have just blown your money, which is bad business obviously.

The Berahino saga highlighted the problem, BA wanted a fee as if he had already achieved what he may or may not develop into and achieve in the  future. We quite rightly, said that should be add-on payments, if he achieves then we will pay extra, if not we don't.

Memphis Depay went for silly money, £25-million, to Manchester United. He wasn't worth the fee having not played in a top tier league on a regular basis. A few Champions League games mean nothing, just as a few FA Cup games mean nothing.

Fans aren't much better, most seem to leave their brains at home when it comes to transfer fees. We have moved players out in the last couple of years, but we have refused to pay over the odds for players, Daniel Levy has to be applauded for that.

He is right not to listen to all our fans who simply love plastic, there is more to football than a mere chequebook. It helps of course, but there are other options as Leicester City and ourselves are showing. With more money flooding into the game, no doubt clubs will still want to charge exorbitant fees for players who aren't worth the money when a Premier League club comes calling.

Fortunately, we have the right chairman to handle the situation, with the right manager finding the right players with the right mentality.



  1. Last year when we were negotiating the fees with Monaco for Martial we were reluctant to pay 20 million and he ended up joining Manu for 35 million. The way mouricio coach young lads I am sure he would have been a much bigger star at spurs but levy blew it. Levy can not be right all the time

  2. Actually he went to Man Utd for a lot more than £35m because there are £25m in add-ons in addition to the £35m. You are making the assumption hat Martial doesn't get a choice where he goes, what guarantees do you have that he would choose Tottenham? None.

    You do not simply pay what a selling club wants, you evaluate a player yourself and value him yourself, then negotiate on your valuation.

    You have also forgotten that Pochettino is part of the group who decides on the valuation of a player and what we are willing to pay.

    You argument I'm afraid is way off track.



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