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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Kindred spirits Lloris confirms

Kindred spirits Lloris confirms

Kindred spirits Lloris confirms

As the only website it seemed who was utterly convinced Hugo Lloris would be remaining at Tottenham because he had found a kindred spirit in Mauricio Pochettino, it is nice to hear the French captain come out and confirm that in the press.

“I had some concern and I questioned myself a bit two years ago, after AVB and Tim Sherwood were in charge. I think the first meeting with Mauricio Pochettino was very clear for me, for my future. 
“I think I trusted him since the first second I met him, and because I really understand what he wants, fully agree about his football view. I can say we have the same football view and he’s brought a lot to the team and the players.”

Your standard press seem to think the whole world revolves around money and that if a rich club want something then the player must want it to. They usually fail to take into account happiness or the fact that a player may be able to see something happening and want to be a part of that. They fail to accept that some players want to help something significant happen at a club rather than go somewhere where it isn't an achievement to win anything.


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