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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Is Joe Root Dele Alli? Is Harry Kane Ben Stokes?

Is Joe Root Dele Alli? Is Harry Kane Ben Stokes?

Is Joe Root Dele Alli?

The cricket season is here and a young hungry England side have just finished runners-up in the T20 World Cup. Attention then turns back to the proper game, test cricket, and England this summer where we welcome Sri Lanka and then Pakistan.

There are plenty of similarities between England and Spurs with England throwing players in and assessing whether they have what it takes to persevere with. Spurs have thrown youngsters in, some have then been thrown aside, Stambouli for instance, just as England have thrown aside players.

Joe Root is a fine example of a player England identified as being one to stick with even though he looked like a rabbit stuck in headlights when playing against Australia down under. Now he is the best batsman in the world according to the ratings and I wouldn't argue with that.

For those of you readers who follow cricket, obviously diamond folk, which player would you associate each Spurs player with?

Is Joe Root Dele Alli?
Is Alistair Cook Hugo Lloris?
Is Ian Bell Tom Carroll?
Is Toby Alderweireld Jimmy Anderson?

Who would Harry Kane be, Ben Stokes?

What about other sports, who would you couple a Spurs player with, a golfer, a snooker player, an NFL star, a cyclist, an athlete?


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