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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Changes during the summer

Now the season is out of the way and that bookings don't count this season referees have remarkably stopped dishing out yellow cards, at least that's what it seems from the last two Spurs games.

We have benefitted and been on the wrong end of decisions in both games. The question is have games been the better for not booking everyone for every little thing ro has it hindered. Are sides getting away with what they shouldn't and thus are sides being penalised with the opposition not picking up yellow's?

The answer surely lies somewhere in the middle. It has been good to see players allowed to tackle. Look at the Dembele incident when the Arhetinian WBA player was rolling around clutching his shin and banging the floor in agony. The free kicj was against him and Dembele played the ball, you can't just stop a leg it isn't possible so the WBA played wass caught on the knee. Why then was he holding his shin?

In a moment he was fine sitting up trying to remonstrate, he had clearly been trying to con the referee, something I have no time for. Go down, let the ref make his decision, get up, get on with the game. Put your arms out in appeal, fine, but don't foll about feigning injury where none exists.

Referees dish out too many yellow cards and equally they let defenders get away with foul after foul in the penalty area. That balance needfs redressing, moew penalties need to be given, Leicester City's Robert Huth has been fouling players with impunity all season. The WBA was climbing, yet Jan Vetonghen was fouling Olse at an earloer corner.

The referee has to be mindful of the professional foul, the foul that stops an attack and allows a side to get back behind the ball, they should receive yellow cards, but some of thr cards dished out show referees lack a basic understanding of the game and tackling.

I go back to Louis van Gaal early in the season complaining about not getting a penalty, (when it wasn't a penalty incidentally) saying he was touched. Just because a player is touched it isn't automatically a penalty, Jamie Vardy deliberately put his leg across to fall over and Dele Alli was booked in a recent game for going over at contact.

The officials need to have a good think during the summer and come up with guidelines for next season that take into account the over zealouness of some to deliver yellow as a meand of controlling a game. Equally they need to decide once and for all that only captains can talk to a referee, anyone else must retreat at least 10 years, not hanging around to see what might be said.

If you want referees to have authority rugby shows us the way, introduce it for our referees so players have to show respect. I would also only stop games for head injuries, but allow trainers onto the field. If the game needs to be stopped then because of the players injury then they can communicate that to the fourth official.

Throw-ins need to be taken from the correct place, a marker should be drawn for every free kick where the referee wants it taken asap after he has awarded it. Players should immediately have to retreat10 yards, not stand over the ball until their side is organised. A side should be able to take a freekick unhindered as soon as they want to. As in rugby if a player isn't 10 yeards away he can not suddenly become active in the game. The referee can tell him to retreat 10 yards immedia;tey or face a yellow card.

If you give the referee the power to controil a game he can, at the moment he doesn't have the power and has to resort to yellow cards that aren't deserving.


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