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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Best Jenas has seen so how do we compare to 60/61?

Best Jenas has seen so how do we compare to 60/61?

Best Jenas has seen so how do we compare to 60/61?

Jermaine Jenas has been a breath of fresh air to the punditry ranks. he tells it as he sees it and doesn't try to hide behind the blandness we often get.

Some of these pundits just want to trot out cliches or not say anything negative about their former club. That is not what they are employed to do, they are employed to give an impartial verdict from an ex-professional. Those that do stand out, those that don't like Nial Quinn or Alan Smith should be removed from the TV.

When Spurs were getting draws earlier in the season he wasn't simply extolling Spurs virtues he was giving the negatives, he was showing an honest balanced view. His latest interview on Radio 5 does speak highly of Spurs.

He agrees with most that Spurs are currently the best team in the league. He told the listeners that he sees no weaknesses, that the two full-backs are the best in the Premier League, A left-sided centre-half (Jan Vertonghen) who had an unbelievable left foot and a right-sided centre-half (Toby Alderweireld) who has an unbelievable right foot. Both can mix it and play football.

When he moved to Dembele he was almost lost for words in admiration. He has gone to a whole new level he said, which for me is a result of the mental changes Mauricio Pochettino has made at Tottenham, Dembele was the man who couldn't get into the side last season and blamed nobody but himself. That, clearly, has made him find his motivation and we are seeing the result. You may well be sick and tired of me banging on about this for two years and more but it is everything in sport.

He mentions Dier doing the dirty work and giving the ball to others and suggest it doesn't get more creative than the front four. He asked who, apart from Messi etc would make Spurs stronger, who could they realistically buy to improve and he went on to say he was struggling to come up with anyone.

Antoine Griezmann (25) was his first name but doubted he was achievable, Atletico Madrid only own 75% of him if memory serves so his price tag would be way too high, Transfermarkt have him listed at £45m.

Real Madrid's attacking midfielder Isco (24), he believes may not be physically up to the pressing style Pochettino plays.

That left him concluding tat this was the best Spurs team he has ever seen, but then he is only 33 before we get those remembering the double winners correcting him. That does raise a good question though for those who do remember, how does this Spurs side compare to the double winners?


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