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Monday, 25 April 2016

Berahino, Lacazette, Batshuayi, we can't be buying them all

Berahino, Lacazette, Batshuayi, we can't be buying them all

Berahino, Lacazette, Batshuayi, we can't be buying them all

I see the press are trying to make a story out of the Lacazette situation and create a non-existent race. Very rarely is there a race for a player.

Clubs decide who they would like, they all have lists for every position and they all place their own valuation on a player, plus what they will pay him in wages. If there is a match to the players requirements then there is a fee to agree.

If you read the press at the moment we are almost imminently going to sign several players for the sam position, we 'lead' the chase or are 'favourites', all nonsense. Berahino remains the number one choice I would expect and I would expect we have been having quiet behind the scenes talks away from the glare of the media.

If that is the case then it would be ideal to deflect their attention elsewhere, a couple of french strikers would fit the bill. As soon as we are linked with a 'close signing' many a Spurs fan on forums seem to start suggesting the potential guy is the next Messi and they are desperate we sign him. I can never understand why so many wet them themselves so much, especially when they have probably hardly ever seen Mr X play.

I don't follow French football, I don't spend my time watching teams each week so I can't say if Lacazette or Batshuayi are what we need, Befitimi Gomis hasn't set the Premier League on fire after scoring goals at Lyon. It has to be remembered that the French league is a one team league. While Lloris has made the switch, Stambouli didn't, nor did Capoue.

Just like for the title race it is a time to remain calm.


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