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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Alli not indespensible

I see a headline asking how we will cope without Dele Alli as if he is indispensable. He is just a player in a team and we haven't ;lost a Premier Lagu game he hasn't played in.

We drew with Stoke City at home 2-2 early in the season and drew with Chelsea at home 0-0, also in the first half of the season. We have Heung min-Son ready to take his place leaving us plenty of creativity in the team.

A club must be a squad, a squad must be able to deal with the loss of a player. Next season we will no doubt have to rest players more often so this situation will arise more often. The system is important and we can use the period he will miss at the end of the season to give him a rest ahead of the European Championships this summer and practice playing without him.

He has started games on the bench and been substituted in many games to rest him so playing without him is not uncommon, it isn't even a concern. The whole idea of the system is that you can just slot another player in and that's just what we'll do. It isn't healthy to rely on one player.


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