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Monday, 18 April 2016

All quiet on the Western Front

Hasn't it all gone quiet over the future of Higo Lloris. The press really got that one wrong and I must have been alone in stating back in February 2015 that he was 99% certain to stay.

It amazes me that people don't take into account the relationship he had built up with Mauricio Pochettino. Spurs had been crying out for a manager or head coach as we call them, who had a winning mentality and could transfer that to the players.

Mauricio has done that and Hugo could see what his footballing soulmate was trying to instil. Last season he was talking about players having to improve mentally regularly, this season he has let the football do the talking.

The dramatic mental shift the players, and perhaps staff, had to make. It does seem that many a fan has come on board and started to grasp the importance of mentality to success, which is encouraging. It's amazing what a little positivity can do if it is channeled in the right way.

We see sides adopting a siege mentality to motivate players. Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, and Arsene Wenger have all used this tactic. The adage you can't achieve anything with kids could and has been used to create the same us against them mentality. You achieve something new by not accepting that there are limits to what can be achieved. Money can't buy mentality, thus simply spending without an emphasis on mentality is futile, as we have ably demonstrated in the past.

Leicester City command great praise for their achievements this season, as do we.  Mauricio Pochettino and the recruitment team Tottenham have build up, including the new look scouting network, have shown that the right player is more important than a chequebook player, a designer label name simply to appease fans.

The summer should prove a very interesting time if as expected we qualify for the Champions League. We would have the pull of youth being given a chance, the pull of player development and the pull of the highest level of club football, not aspects we could count upon in the past.

Tonight sees another step towards our development and I'm sure the boys are keen to secure guaranteed Champions League football as soon as possible. A win would help us keep what pressure we can on Leicester City. Five points to claw back in four games would be a tough ask but all we can do is win games. Let's hope that continues tonight.


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