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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Walker, Rose, Dier, Alli, Kane

Well, it's been a while while I let the medication kick in and can better see what I'm writing. The international break has been interesting with plenty of Tottenham personnel in the England camp for the last games before the England squad is announced for the 2016 European Championships in France.

Harry Kane will, of course, be named now that he is the number one striker for his country. He has shown he can produce something from nothing in an England shirt as well, the Germans were in no trouble and suddenly find the ball in the back of their net.

I have been saying since before he was selected for England (that was after only 7 games) that Dele Alli is a better player than Ross Barkley, he looked far more likely to create anything than Barkley did. They will both travel.

Fraser Foster is interesting being such a giant at 6'7". I haven't really watched him much, but we could have a keeper to challenge Jow hart after the Euros. Jack Buckland is out with a broken ankle and even before that was diagnosed you had to ask why he didn't put the ball out when he injured himself. At that point, he had already made a couple of mistakes, one of which was in clearing the ball to the opposition instead of playing it short to Eric Dier.

It is these unseen errors that cause later problems. We saw against Holland that John 'I'm too big for my boots' Stones was more interested in showing off than playing the sensible and safe ball back to Forster, which led to the penalty. A position of strength to a position of weakness thanks to his ego. I talk a lot about mentality, you saw why right there.

Cahill isn't international class, nor is Jagielka so it's a position we really struggle in and need him cutting out these mistakes. Roy Hodgson has flatly told him to cut them out so he makes a howler. Will he be on the plane? It's touch and go.

Once again Nathaniel Clyne showed against Germany that he is a weak link in the England team. Yes he created a goal in a rare foray forward, but it is in his own half with the ball that is the problem. He simply can't make decisions quick enough, he never seems to know what to do with the ball. As an opposition coach I'd target him. He is easy to push to the sideline with nowhere to go. The number of times he gives away a throw in or pumps the ball for a 50/50 down the line is ridiculous. Kyle Walker is a better full-back, no question.

James Milner offers nothing but a bit of solidity and experience, Drinkwater was just as good and Eric Dier is better. If you are going to play two defensive midfielders then one has to have a creative streak, James Milner has consistently shown at international level that he doesn't.

Mauricio Pochettino told Danny Rose he would turn him into an England player, well he has and what is more, Rose booked his seat on the plane. I fully expect him to be in the squad.

This England team is starting to look like a Tottenham, Liverpool, Southampton side. possession football with a high press. The anomaly of the last World Cup when there were no Tottenham players in the squad will be put right at the Euros with five of our boys there.


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