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Friday, 4 March 2016

Lloris No1 in the country

Lloris No1 in the country

He may be ranked only the third best goalkeeper in the Premier League on official EA Sports statistics but former Tottenham legend and Arsenal goalkeeper Pat Jennings told Spurs TV that he feels Hugo Lloris is the best in the country.

“He has been absolutely brilliant, not just this year but every year since he has been here he has been absolutely brilliant. 
“He's got us no end of points with the saves he's made in the last few minutes of games, keeping us in games. He's been absolutely brilliant. 
“I’m his number one fan. There are no weaknessess in his game. 
"He has lightening reflexes, comes off his line to cut out danger. He is in a class of his own. I think he's the best goalkeeper in the country."

I would say he is the best goalkeeper I have seen in a Spurs shirt since Pat Jennings himself and we have has some superb keepers in that time Ray Clemence and Paul Robinson amongst them. Only recently he made a superb save in the closing stages against Manchester City in which he hurt his head and had to miss a couple of games, Then he produced a fantastic point blank save against Swansea after they had got behind Rose and crossed.

He brings experience to the squad and has the same outlook at Mauricio Pochettino. With Spurs well ahead of Manchester United right now he must be delighted he didn't move there, not that that was ever very likely.



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