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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Journalists should take a sports coaching course

A poor effort by the Telegraph trotting out a line about nerves, there didn't look to be any nerves at all, West Ham are a strong side at home and they showed it. You give credit to the opposition. The Guardian also trotted out the same predictable line.

In trotting out standard lines they do themselves no justice and belittle West Ham's achievement. Mauricio Pochettino gave a far more considered response, the response of a winner, he didn't look for, nor gave any excuses.

It is quite pathetic that reporters still think managers must rant and raving on the touchline, I'm afraid such people really don't know what they are talking about. Ranting and raving achieves nothing, calculated decision-making and calmness under pressure are far more important qualities for a winning side, they stem from the way the manager behaves. Ranting works for some, for others calmness is important. Trying to lump everyone into one method shows a lack of understanding on how to coach a side. 

If you rant and rave, you are transmitting nerves for some, you are piling pressure on which is the opposite of what you need to do. Being clinical takes calmness under pressure, so for some it can have a detrimental effect. Tottenham use the calmness approach, reporters ought to be able to understand the difference. A coach showing the signs of panic on the sidelines and yet he is the example for the players. Don't do as I do, do as I say. That is no way to teach anyone anything.

Sven Goran Eriksen used to get criticised but he was behaving as a winner should, he was transmitting calm to his players. If a journalist is going to write about a sport then they ought to go on a coaching course first so they know what they are talking about, it would save the being so wide of the mark so often. If you put some of them in a coaching environment they wouldn't have a clue, virtually all of them have never coachd anything intheir lives yet they are apparently experts.

We have to remember these journalists are not sportsmen, they are not coaches, they are professional writers, nothing more. The former player or coach is a different matter, if they are actually writing the article themselves and a ghost writer isn't writing it under their name.

Spurs found the patchy pitch difficult to play on and West Ham adapted better. What utter claptrap, do West Ham not play all their home games on the pitch? They haven't had to adapt at all, again standard lines trotted out without any thought behind them. Have West Ham not prepared an uneven surface before to suit the hump it in the air approach? They did it for a reason.

Predictably the line is trotted out about supposedly having no backup to Harry Kane as a reason for defeat. A different striking option makes little difference if you are not creating chances for a striker. There was nothing in Harry Kane's performance to be concerned about, he didn't have an off game.

I can't remember which journalist it was but I remember one writing a piece admitting Pochettino was right and he was wrong which basically showed he was just a chequebook fan. Spurs have done their best to prove the theory wrong that the chequebook and designer names are the only option. It ignores the mental side of the sport, which determines success, a coaching course would give folk an informative insight. 

I have written many times, in my inimitable style, that winners do not make excuses, losers do, so it is no surprise that Mauricio Pochettino made no excuses after the defeat, saying nerves were not an issue when asked.

“No, no, no, no. We made some mistakes that, normally, we don't make. It was difficult. It was the same in the first 20 minutes against Swansea on Sunday, and today we started not so good. We conceded the goal and it was very difficult. 
“West Ham played better than us. We played better in the second half and might have deserved an equaliser, but if you don't score it's difficult to come away with a point. 
“There were different reasons why we didn't play the way we normally do. We were poor. This is true. We know that and the players know that, and are disappointed. The pitch doesn't help in us trying to play the way we want to play. 
“We are near the top and have come through a very busy period, playing Europa League, FA Cup and now Premier League in one week. Three games and always it's tough. But it's not about complaining. No excuses. Only that we were poor in the first half. 
“The Premier League is the most competitive league in the world, and you can see that every week. For different reasons, it's open and competitive and not easy to play every week. You need to be 100 per cent mentally and physically every week. No easy games. 
“We need to be positive. Why not? There, in the changing room, you could see the players very disappointed. The way they fought in the second half was fantastic. It only lacked a goal.”

We lost, that result is gone, the only thing that matters now is the next game. Analise a game, see what can be improved by all means, but make excuses, that's simply putting your mind in the wrong mode for success. Sport can teach a lot and how Mauricio Pochttino reacts to a win or a defeat gives fans a chance to learn skills they can apply to their own lives.

Decide what you want to achieve, totally belive you can achieve it, plan it out and go for it You won't achieve it if you don't and you'll certainly fail to achieve it if you don't even try. It is safe, it is comfort zone stuff to make excuses, look inward and change what you need to change to turn failure into success.

P.S. for those of you who have kindly enquired about my eye, vision has dropped from around 50% to around 10% in the last few days, temporary I hope, at least the right eye is fine. Such is life.



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  1. I love the fact that spurs and poch say they have no excuses then it's 'the pitch was poor' and 'they played hoof ball'. Clearly no dignity in being outplayed.



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