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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Focus an essential ingredient to success

Focus an essential ingredient to success

There is a lot of talk about focus, but what exactly is it?

Focus is an essential ingredient to achieving sporting success. What is does is it allows players to attend to the cues in hand and concentrate on the tasks needed to achieve success. Without focus, a player can not achieve their goals.

It is certainly something that can be developed in training and taken into a competitive arena. Focus must, therefore, be practiced on a consistent basis. Every day a player should be focused on his training for the day. The very top players will see each training session as a chance to learn something or develop an aspect that will help them improve in matches. They will have targets they want to achieve and will be focussed on achieving them. 

That kind of dedication doesn't go unnoticed, it is the lesser players you hear without that kind of dedication who complain when they are not picked. before you attend training. Before each game, a player must focus on the vital cues that relate to his own performance. Take a batsman in a game of cricket for instance. If you watch them you will see they go through a set routine. 

They stand in the same way and they pick the bat up at the same time during a bowlers run-up or they pat the bat down on the ground a set number of times before they pick it up. A trigger for them to finally get ready is often a tiny initial foot movement. Their concentration is then at its highest ready to make a split second decision. 

A cue could be anything, it could be when a player receives a ball in a certain position, that cue is then a trigger for a pre-determined training ground move. Look at Tottenham play and you'll see we play triangles all over the pitch. Our players run into areas to play triangles so the man with the ball has a pass to play. Our whole game is about off the ball movement and the players being mentally switched on.

At times like this, the focus is on what to do next after the successful pass, where do I go, where can I be available again that gives me options to pass the ball again. Focus is about yourself, your task and your position, it isn't about the opposition.

You have to be in control of your own focus. Dele Alli niggles players, it is solely to take their focus away. If they are thinking about the injustice or thinking about revenge they are not thinking about their game and that gives us an advantage. Think about your position focus on what you will need to immediately perform, then move on to the next task. 

Our focus is now on West Ham and the skills we need to perform to gain a positive result. Each individual has to focus on their game which will allow the whole team to perform.



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