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Friday, 26 February 2016

System more important that Harry Kane

As expected the loss of Harry Kane made little difference with the system being far more important than any individual player.

He is talented, of course he is, but he is nor irreplaceable, nor is anyone else. The whole point of having a team ethic system is that any loss is minimised. Everyone knows everyone's role and other players can slot into a role to minimise any loss felt. 

Nacer Chadli stepped up front and when his chance came he took his goal with aplomb, unfortunately, he was offside as strikers regularly are. The trouble is they have to anticipate when a pass is going to be made to time their run and the passer is sometimes waiting for that run and delays a pass slightly. It's a fine line and one that comes with experience. The important point is the way he took the chance, far better than Roberto Soldado did in the corresponding fixture last season.

The better players you have playing a system the better it will be performed that is obvious, but people underestimate a successful system. We are not brought up in this country to appreciate how important they are, we are brought up to appreciate individual talent that makes a difference. Understanding how important a system is is an alien concept almost.

This was no Micky Mouse outfit we were playing, they are currently the third best team in Italy. They are fourth on away form with a positive goal difference. They simply couldn't handle our system though, they were forever having to play passes backwards to get some breathing space.

This clamour during the transfer window and desperation in some fans is totally misplaced, it shows a lack of belief in our system, a lack of belief in Pochettino. It doesn't help the positive environment that breeds success. The team is all that matters, individual success is about shining within a team ethic, within a system. Players have shown it can be achieved, those who couldn't comprehend that and who couldn't produce that have left. 

There is no guarantee that anyone coming in will grasp that, certainly they would have had to learn the system backwards and how to play within it. It is just a question of attacking, it is what you do off the ball. Our pressing game is vital to our success. It isn't simply haphazard rushing around, it is very specific, it is trained to be turned on at certain points in a game. Anyone new has to learn when they are, how everyone else presses, what their role within the process is, even where to stand to have the maximum effect off the ball in cutting out potential passes.

Anyone we bought in January wouldn't really have been properly ready until March, they would have had to get to Pochettino's level of fitness as well as learn how to play the system. It takes time when your teammates haven't got a whole summer to help you learn. With games coming thick and fast training time, learning time is limited. The training focus is on training for the next game and recovering from the last, not learning the system.



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