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Monday, 8 February 2016

Spurs delivering lessons to fans

There will be many a fan who doesn't grasp the 'Future Trophies are almost inevitable now' article and that's OK, not everyone appreciates the aspects that go into creating success or that when you persistently adopt them success is inevitable.

History shows countless people who have failed time and time again until success comes knocking because they simply don't give up doing what creates success. I showed a video recently which many of you will not have watched, it was an important video none the less for the message it contained.

Basically, it said if you are going to work each day, living from pay cheque to pay cheque you are merely existing, at whatever level your pay cheque is. You have to look beyond that and discover what it is that you excel at, take the leap of faith and pursue it because that is where your success lies.

Tottenham have had players living from pay cheque to pay cheque, they didn't work so we bought another lot working pay cheque to pay cheque and then more expensive ones. What you pay though doesn't determine what you get out. Only buying those with the right approach will give you success and yes those players can and do command high wages, but they also have to come from somewhere, at the moment they come from within.

Simply paying someone a higher wage doesn't turn them into something they are not, as we have seen over and over again. It should be our aim to create these players. Skillful players are ten a penny, anyone can create those, but creating a mentality is something entirely different because the right mentality has to be surrounded with like-minded mentalities. They will stay at a club where they find that and leave a club that doesn't have it.

Mauricio Pochettino has brought it to Tottenham and the players are all enthused by the approach. Those not inspired, those believing it to be hogwash have been shown the door, their brand is not required to contaminate here.

“I think we are different people now. It is difficult to explain but we live in the present and the group of players and the staff and the club and the president and the supporters believe we are strong and we can compete in different competitions and we can win every game – and this is important. 
“Tottenham have great supporters, staff [and] players and we show we have a winning mentality today. I think that to speak about the past is not fair because from the beginning of the season we show with our supporters we can get success from the season.”

We have some fans clinging to the past, the anti-Levy cluster who almost relish failure and seem frightened to discard it and join the new era. That has all the hallmarks of not understanding how success is achieved. They could learn a lot from listening to Pochettino and the players and trying to understand exactly what the message is they are conveying, as opposed to the words used to convey it, and take on board the same traits.

Sport can teach us a lot. Companies used to seek out sportsmen as sales people because they wanted winners, they wanted someone with a winning mentality. If you have that you'll do what it takes, you'll go the extra mile to achieve and the company would benefit. People like that are looked after and cared for far more than the average worker who just goes in and does his job. 

Your attitude in your job is what will get you noticed, but it has to be the norm for you, not just something you do to get noticed. If you are the one being given work while others seem to be sitting around doing nothing, take it and do it, efficiently and to the best of your ability. That company will know you get things done and others don't, who are they going to want to keep? Who are they going to want to promote? If you take the this is unfair route and portray an air of negativity then you employer will be looking elsewhere to promote staff.

Success in whatever form you want to achieve it has to have the right attitude in place, be it at work, in your own business, as a footballer or a football club. A business has to have the same approach to success as you do, a business is merely people after all and those people have to believe success is possible for it to happen. Getting that message across is no easy task, but it is one Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy seem to have delivered.

Tottenham now has the infrastructure for success as a business as well as the playing side now. The transformation with better players than he had at Southampton means he will be a sought-after manager when positions become vacant at perceived bigger clubs. There is a project to complete though and the project requires trophies. They playing staff will continue to be developed, the successful traits continue to be adopted, success is therefore merely a matter of time.

You'll find those who don't understand that shout against it, they would rather keep you at their level, they would rather retain that status quo. But if you pick up the mantle, if you believe you can change your lot in life, if you choose to be happy instead of miserable, then it can happen. Only you can change your own environment, Spurs have changed theirs, you should be enjoying and using the ride.



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