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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Spurs away fans are the best in the league

You have heard me talk plenty about supporting the club, supporting the head coach and supporting the chairman and that your support helps to create the right environment for success. 

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2 weeks before Boris Johnson receives the new stadium application

You take your beliefs into the ground, you don't suddenly just change them as you enter the stadium and like it or not that affects the way you support the club. In fact some inside the ground aren't supporting at all, they spend 90 minutes moaning.

What you write in forums, but especially on Twitter and Facebook, has the capacity to get seen by the players. While pages are managed, a player can and does use them, so they are exposed to negativity, suggesting fans have no effect is wide of the mark.

If you want a successful club, why would you do what you can to prevent that and do it consistently? Tottenham have to achieve success despite a section of fans who don't want a positive environment surrounding the club. The future is so bright and we are doing so well in third place, just two points off second place, that they want to throw it all away and start again under a new chairman and thus a new direction. To say that is insane would be putting it mildly, these people a sandwich short of a picnic.

Have a criticism by all means, look for something that can be improved by all means, but have the how handy, then you are constructing rather than destructing.

We hear from the players that they value the support they receive, so why wouldn't you support them? Kevin Wimmer has stepped into the team to take over from Jan Vertonghen and while it is early days he has made a solid start.

Yes that's right a solid start, support doesn't have to be eulogising and treating everyone as a star after five minutes, but it does involve the common sense to look beyond your own agenda.

Support is more than just celebrating the good times, it is doing your bit to create them too, as our away fans do week in week out. Travelling to a game is a form of support, but it is what you do when you are there that is important. Are you a spectator or a supporter?

We heard our away fans again at Norwich City, they clearly are supporting in voice, you should be supporting them in word. Keep singing lads, some of us appreciate it.

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