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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rose reminds fans what really matters

Rose reminds fans what really matters

Ben Davies has recently spoken about how demanding the training is and that his Welsh teammates didn't believe him when he told them what he has to do each day.

I have long been urging fans to get up to speed and adjust their thinking away from talent is all you need to succeed, it isn't. Talent is merely a basic starting point from which you have to build. There have been many talented players who didn't have the right character to succeed, you have to want to be the best and work for it every day, that takes a certain mental approach, alien to most.

Danny Rose spoke to the official website recently and what he had to say show why Daniel Levy was right not to accept second best from previous managers. Some fans don't seem to understand that you don't become the best by settling for second best. If they did you wouldn't be hearing any noises against him. These very same fans would have happily settled for second best, they ignore the mess randy Lerner has made at Aston Villa simply assuming anyone who takes over will be more Abramovich, there is no evidence that would be the case though, it is all based on wishful thinking without actually knowing how to get what they dream about. It's all fantasy stuff and anyone who doesn't fulfill their fantasies must be wrong, despite the club being second in the Premier League two points from the top. That alone shows these people are lacking in judgment. 

"He's instilled a great work ethic - one that I've not experienced from any other manager."He wants you to work very hard in training and if you don't then he'll let you know! 
"Once you work hard Monday to Friday then it will happen naturally in the game as it [did on Sunday]. Everything starts from training, everything on the pitch comes from training and how well we work."
I am delighted to say we no longer hear the rubbish about such and such a player never being given a chance or never being given a run of games, oblivious to the fact that the training field is where you show the manager that you deserve to start.

Quite frankly, the 18 months of his tenure has seen Mauricio Pochettino teach our fans an immense amount about what it takes to be winners and that information can be taken into any form of life to improve the lot of any individual anywhere. Everyone is in life where they are because of the choices they have made, nobody else, your life is your responsibility.

Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino have turned around Tottenham, take those lessons and apply them to your own life. It says more about you that is does about them if you want to complain about being led to our present exciting position.

Teams have won a treble before, teams have done the double before, did they do that by giving up, by putting all their eggs in one basket? No. They believed it was possible and they did it. The Spurs side who won the double did so because they believed they could, it was thought impossible, thought to be too physically draining, we proved them wrong. Other then followed in our footsteps.

Manage the resources, mix and match players. It takes a plan, winning today isn't simply a question of playing the same eleven players, it is using the squad, trusting each one to be able to do a job and not weaken the side to any significant degree. That takes mentality, each player has to understand and accept they have a vital role to play, they must want to be a part of it.

Tottenham are on the brink of something special, so are Leicester who only have the on competition to concentrate on. To be a major club we have to be able to handle more than one competition, we have to be able to handle midweek European ties. If we can't handle the Europa League then we have no chance of handling the more difficult Champions League. The days might be different, that merely means less rest time before European games. The ties are harder and will be draining, players have to be used to that, putting them in cotton wool won't achieve anything, it will merely cause problems in the future when they have to address issues they have already had the chance to prepare for.

Extend your horizons, throw away limited thinking, free yourself to the possibilities and if you want them some could come your way, they won't if you don't try for them.



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