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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pochettino the outstanding manager in the Premier League

Mauricio Pochettino is the outstanding manager in the Premier League at the moment. There are other managers who have been successful before and managers that have spent fortunes.

Fans always believe a true test of a manager's ability is making the most of what they have at their disposal, take them away from the cushion of a mega-rich club and see what they can do in the real world as it were. Sir Alex Ferguson, despite his undoubted brilliance as a manager, won the Manager of the Year award far too many times. The best team win the league so he gets a trophy himself when there were far more deserving causes further down the league where managers were working with meagre resources.

Tottenham have been searching for a manager who could build the future, a conveyor belt of youth and tried many a manager who all fell short. Pochettino has taken no time at all to change things and turn things around at the club. he has shown that Daniel Levy was right to demand high standards and to rid the club of people who couldn't reach the standards required.

It is not simply the players who have to perform, the manager is the one who makes them perform so the manager has to be able to run a complex business, his role is far more than simply coaching the first team.

Chris Houghton is a former Tottenham stalwart at right-back and a member of the coaching staff for years. he has managed in the Premier League and is now doing a good job at Brighton & Hove Albion on the south coast. He knows what it takes and has told Sky Sports that Pochettino has been outstanding.
"What Pochettino's done has been outstanding, because in the initial period when he came into the club there had been a massive recruitment process just before. 
"He's brought in and developed some young players and among all of that he's also trimmed the squad and had to move players out. 
"It's tough to get the balance of moving out players and developing young players. it takes time generally and he's done it very well. 
"What he had at his disposal is some very good young players that have developed very well."
Mauricio Pochettino has been nominated for the London manager of the Year award at the 2016 London Football Awards on March 3 at Battersea Evolution, London. hosted by Sky Sports.



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