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Friday, 12 February 2016

NO Cameron Carter-Vickers v Fiorentina

There seems to be a spate of articles about our centre-backs at the moment with the Bleacher Report asking if Kevin Wimmer is the right man to replace Jan Vertonghen and HITC, not a website I place much store by, suggesting Cameron Carter-Vickers may start against Fiorentina.

Personally, I think it is still early days to pass judgment of Wimmer. he has done nothing wrong thus far but hasn't played any top competition yet so this weekend will be a big test and be informative for us.

The suggestion that Cameron Carter-Vickers might start against Fiorentina in the UEFA Europa League is more hopeful than anything. Tottenham test everything so they know a players fatigue levels and adjust accordingly. You see players being taken off after 60 minutes for this reason, Pochettino having complete faith in their replacement, which can be a major player or a youngster making their way.

He will know exactly where he stands with Toby Alderweireld and Kevin Wimmer. The players have just had a week break in Barcelona and have now followed that up with a week between games this week so they have had two rest periods to recuperate.

Manchester City is the first game in a week, fatigue on Thursday is highly unlikely to be an issue. The game Alderweireld plays show us that it is less demanding at centre-back that at full-back where we regularly rotate to rest players. We have played strong teams in the competition and is is again highly unlikely that this approach will change.

The first leg is an important leg as it sets up the tie and is away from home, a solid performance is, therefore, vital. Would you be throwing an untried youngster into such a game? I don't see Pochettino doing that at all.



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  1. I think Wimmer will do well with us, and as you imply, after City we will know more about his ability.

    Pochettino though could easily play CCV in the Fiorentina games - why not? He has a poor record in making correct choices when it matters. Look at how he cocked up the selection priorities this time last year in the Fiorentina / West Ham / Fiorentina / Chelsea (CC Final), in the space of a fortnight losing the very real possibility of winning the EL and giving us no chance on the CC.

    I hope he learned something.

  2. "Personally, I think it is still early days to pass judgment of Wimmer. he has done nothing wrong thus far but hasn't played any top competition yet so this weekend will be a big test and be informative for us."

    I see what you're saying. However, I think all of us would agree that Vertonghen in a quality defender. He is recognized by non-Tottenham fans that he is a good defender and one of the Premier League best. Having said that, let's not forget the Vertonghen has been burned badly by Manchester City the last couple of years.

    So if Wimmer gets burned by Aguero or whomever they trot out, it's not the 'be all, end all' criteria on whether on not Wimmer can do the job in the EPL. Aguero is one of the best strikers in the world. Manchester City is one of the better sides in the world as well.

    Let's remember to put this into context.

  3. Poch didn't cock up selection vs Fiorentina. Soldado cost us that tie with the most inexplicable balls up that you couldn't predict, even with his poor form.



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