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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Massive weekend - what do the form tables reveal?

It's a huge Soccer Sunday this week with two tough to predict games at the top of the table between the four sides vying for the Premier League title. Sky must be absolutely loving this season with the extra interest this season is generating among football fans.

There have been too many season where it is simply a closed shop and football becomes a boring spectacle when that happens, many like myself don't bother to watch the UEFA Champions League anymore, it simply being the same teams playing each other.

That needs an injection of new blood and at least one of the European competitions needs to return to a completely knock-out format, a tournament that is best for football and not for the pockets of failed Champions League clubs.

We have a young side who believe in themselves, they passed the test at home against Manchester City in emphatic fashion, a 4-1 win, now it's the return in their back yard and it will need a focused performance to come away with the points.

Form Table
P = Played, W = Won, D = Draw, L = Lost, CS = Clean Sheet, FtS = Failed to score, F = For, A = Against, GD = Goal difference, Pt = Points, PPG = Ponts per game.

The same form table over a 10 game period sees us on top with Sunday seeing the four top form teams all playing each other.

10 Game Form Table

This gives us an idea how sides are faring overall but some sides are stronger at home than they are away so what do the six-game form tables home and away show us.

6 Game Hone Form

6 Game Away Form

On immediate form over the last six games Sunday sees the best home team in the country against the best away team in the country while the other big fixture in the title race sees fourth best home side take on the sixth best away side. 

Both home sides would look to be favourites, but is there any encouragement with a little more digging. How have teams fared against other top half sides and more importantly, how have they fared home and away? Let's see.

Table vs Top Half Teams

Home Table vs Top Half Teams

Away Table vs Top Half Teams

Tottenham secure more average points per game away from home against top-half sides (1.50) than Manchester City gain at home (1.20) against top-half sides, that certainly offers some encouragement.

It is a game that we feared at one stage, but not now, no game is to be feared this season.



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