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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mason, Njie, Onomah to Wolves! You have to laugh

You have to laugh at some of the stuff you find on the Internet, especially when you read articles like the one yesterday from the Football Fancast network which suggests Spurs players might go out on loan to the Championship.

Alex Pritchard was the main one during the last transfer window and now I see an article suggesting who Wolves could snap up on loan, I literally burst out laughing when I read the first name, Clinton Njie. There is no benefit to him dropping down to weaker football, he has to learn Premier League standard and with all due respect to the Championship, it isn't Premier League standard football.

He is a long way down the pecking order and must be desperate for more minutes, is the author unaware he happens to have been and is still injured? He will train with the first-team over the summer and start to come into his own next season you would expect. We certainly haven't bought him to send him to the Championship.

It doesn't get any better as the author then suggests Josh Onomah should stall his career by going backwards and joining Wolves. The young lad is getting game time in Europe and in the Premier League, he is being fast tracked and will be a part of the first team squad next season. Why on earth would we want him to take a step-down? If he were to go on loan anywhere, and I don't see that happening at all, it would be to a Premier League club.

They save perhaps the best until last. Ryan Mason. Yes, the author suggest Ryan Mason should be snapped up on loan by Wolves! 

He has just captained us in the away leg of a European tie and played in the home leg. he is valuable to the squad, the words of club captain Hugo Lloris. Mousa Dembele is injured and Mason is a proven Premier League performer now and we are chasing a title. The logic of stepping down to the Championship for a proven Premier League performer escapes me and while his side are chasing two trophies it makes even less sense. 

I think the author of the piece needs to seek medical help, there is clearly something wrong with him. Harry Winks and Kyle Walker-Peters you could make a case for but for the other three, Mason, Njie and Onomah, it is quite frankly absurd. 

It is pieces like this that highlight why news regurgitation sites and sites written by staff writers, who have no actual interest in the team they are writing about, are a complete waste of time for the reader.

Articles like this are just one of the reasons why I chose for this website not to join the Football Fancast network. 



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  1. Your right about the article being a bit far fetched but the personal attack on the writer of it and your snobbery towards "weaker football" is unwarranted.

  2. Well said above comment, every article on this pathetic blog stinks of the writer bigging himself up as some sort of expert on all things football. Every article written is trying to force his opinion down the readers throat and is always one sided. Did you never hear the saying 'self praise is no praise'.

  3. Reading the 'article' I found myself wondering if this was a Spurs blog or a Smugs blog. Pompous and arrogant being two other appropriate words to describe the author. Incidentally the 'weaker football' you refer to is not inferior per se but just lacking the mega-millions of foreign money, foreign owners, foreign coaches and foreign players that those currently in the top flight 'enjoy'. For many aficionados of real football, as opposed to the highly sanitised 'Continental' version prevalent in the top flight, 'weaker football' as you so condescendingly call it is where it is at.

  4. Bud you obviously know very little about football, the championship is one of the toughest leagues in Europe and if any spurs players were to drop down a division it would not only toughen them up but make better players out of them for spurs benefit, i wonder were Vardy started from!

  5. It takes an expert to figure out that Mason would benefit from joining Wolves instead of playing for Spurs, how ridiculous.

    The Championship is weaker than the Premier League, that is a fact, to suggest otherwise is pure fantasy, it shows fans not living in the real world jealous of clubs higher up the ladder. If 'real' football is below the Premier League then why do sides not refuse to play in it when they gain promotion and why do these same fans attend games? Their view suddenly changes and the only thing they want is to stay in the league.
    It is laughable to suggest a player like Mason will learn more from Wolves in the Championship that he will from captaining Spurs in the Europa League or playing against Arsenal. The players don't need toughening up John.
    What I am hearing is a few chips on the shoulder.
    There is nothing wrong with us loaning Wolves players but to suggest first team players is, as I say fantasy. Yes it would benefit Wolves, but there are no benefits to a player already beyond that level or who is being developed internally. A player like Harry Winks yes I can understand and accept, but for a player like Ryan Mason on the outskirts of the England squad, it is simply a step backwards. That's simply a fact, if you are offended by that, that's demonstrates exactly the mental attitude we don't want our players exposed to. It's the opposite of what we are developing at Spurs.



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