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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

MacDermott, Mitchell and Pochettino all turn down Man Utd

Tottenham are the team of the moment, at the moment, and Tottenham staff seem to be the staff Manchester United want.

Sir Ales Ferguson was always going to ba a hard act to follow, David Moyes was his choice but the hierarchy soon decided he wasn't the man and kept their funds in their pockets. Any manager has to have the players buy into him and what his playing vision is, without that they have no chance of success. The players were not behind Moyes so he had to go.

Along come Louis van Gaal and once again you have to question whether the players have bought into what he wants, some appear to but plenty don't appear to have and the result is a struggling season. Casting their eye around for a replacement this summer they have looked at Pochettino and reportedly spoken to his representatives, which will mean perhaps a lawyer.

Listening to those who deal with players it would seem that Pochettino not having an agent doesn't mean he doesn't have a lawyer, whom Manchester United may well have spoken to. It is usual for South Americans to have a lawyer working for them instead of an agent, if they want a more hands on approach.

It is all rather irrelevant really as there are very few Spurs fans who could see him moving to United to start again what he has already started at Spurs. There is no reason to question his loyalty with clear reasons why he left Southampton. The chairman left, who had a vision to win the Premier League, and the new regime refused to give him the assurances he sought over players. His project was dead so there was nothing to stay at Southampton for. 

It isn't just Pochettino United were after though, they wanted to take the Spurs staff behind the scenes as well, John MacDermott our academy manager and Paul Mitchell. They tried to rip the heart out of Spurs, fortunately for us, they were rebuffed. MacDermott wanted to stay at Spurs and continue the close working relationship he has with Pochettino, Mitchell too so manchester United have had to turn to Jose Mourinho.

Spanish paper El confidential report that agent Jorge Mendes is finalising the details of a deal for Jose Mourinho to be installed as the next manchester United manager in the summer if things don't improve for Louis van Gall. The report suggests that an outline deal will be signed. The sooner the better and then we can forget all the nonsensical media nonsense.



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  1. All this stuff has really pissed me off, I hope it doesn't affect the players as we are doing so well.



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