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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kane the target for vile Chelsea T-shirts

Vile Chelsea fans have been buying highly offensive unofficial T-shirts outside Stamford Bridge and Chelsea have promised to take action.

One of the disgusting shirts was against Harry Kane and reinforces the image of racial hatred we now associate with Chelsea supporters. We have all seen the video of them refusing to let a black passenger onto a Paris train, yet they happily cheer black players if they wear a Chelsea shirt, double standards if ever there was any.

We all like football humour, have a dig at another side by all means with humour, but crossing the line into hatred and even trying to make money out of it is sick, it shows what a despicable human being will do.

Depicting Harry Kane as an Hasidic Jew with the slogan "He's one of your own" underneath. Roman Abramovich is a Jew and has taken a tough line with anti-semitism in the past. Will he this time?

The T-shirts were on sale before and after the game at Stanford Bridge on Sunday "from a large stall situated on private property" adjacent to Fulham Road" report The Times. They quote Katrina Law of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust (THFT). 

"It's hugely disappointing that in 2016 anyone could think this was acceptable. There's often an edge to football humour but there is also a line which we're sure the vast majority of Chelsea fans would recognise. We trust appropriate actions will be taken by Hammersmith and Fulham Council Trading Standards and by Chelsea."

Last season we played Chelsea in the League Cup Final and there was a warning to fans on the Chelsea official website.
"We would like to remind supporters of their responsibilities on the day. For a small minority, this game has historically brought a deeply unpleasant and unwanted level of anti-Semitic abuse, which has no place in football or anywhere in society... if we receive evidence that supporters have engaged in anti-Semitic or any other form of discriminatory chanting or behaviour, we will take the strongest possible action, including supporting criminal prosecution."

Let's see what they do this time.



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