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Friday, 26 February 2016

Italian reports: Ranieri should start to worry

Italian reports: Ranieri should start to worry

It is amazing how different people see the same thing, take the words of the co-owner of Fiorentina after his side were dumped out of the UEFA Europa League comprehensively.

"There was a physical superiority tonight even though the result, in my opinion, is a liar: But they have earned the tie over the whole [two legs]. Now we focus on championship, which is the most important thing. It starts against Napoli. I told the guys that we do be down from playing tonight."

One Italian journalist saw a different game, one where the Italians were outplayed.

Mario Tenerani, a columnist at and for, watched the defeat suffered on English soil and saw a game where the sides were not equal. Google translate has been used but you get the general gist of what he is saying.

"If anyone comes now is downsized Italian football, as the third in standings played against the second and there was a clear and palpable difference, if we add return there is no story. When there is a superiority of the genre, you just clap: I saw great intensity, a good coach and think that they also were missing several pieces."

Now that is an honest and frank assessment from a foreign journalist, which makes a change from the usual and certainly from what all but a few of our scribes come up with.

Federico Bernardeschi, the 22-year-old Fiorentina winger is a reported target for Manchester United amid suggestions the Italian side, who are third in Serie A, have turned down a €28m bid. 
Bernardeschi disappointed against us though agreed Tenerani.

"Yes, I expected more from him. He is pure talent and the National side have been sniffing around. He had already scored six goals in Europe and tonight I saw him disoriented. I think he realized that at the international level he must give something more. Tottenham are a serious candidate for Europe League victory, a team built over time and if I were Ranieri I would start to worry."

Paulo Sousa, the Fiorentina coach felt his side were in the game until we second our second to make it 2-0 on the night. His assessment of our wide play demonstrates the commitment the two wide attackers must have. If you think back a couple of seasons this is an area we were poor in with our full-backs being constantly left to fend for themselves, especially on the left.

"In the end it is the supremacy of Tottenham was the most obvious, but until 2 -0 we were in the game. we knew the qualities of the Spurs, playing with an intensity high throughout the game. We had better control the timing of the game and there is certainly the lack of finalization. The boys gave their all against a very strong team, among the top five in Europe for fun, quality, physical and mental strength. Third place is now the most important goal, but we kept moving forward in all competitions. We do a great job every week to win and make our fans prouder and prouder, we want to do well on difficult courses like this. After the 2-0 we collapsed, we certainly struggled. 
Definitely yes [Tottenham are in the top four for rhythm]. If you do not maintain a good intensity, you stretch and lose the sense of the transitions. We lacked something on the outside, where we often find interesting spaces. They always managed to double up and keep well in the physical duel. Against this kind of teams it is important to have absolute control of the game and impose their rhythm."

Apart from their owner, who must have been at the wrong venue watching a different game, the Italian views are quite frank.



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