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Monday, 8 February 2016

Future trophies are almost inevitable now

If you keep doing the same things you will have the same results, that should be obvious to everybody. Tottenham had a set of players who did not have a winning mentality and thus kept bottling it at the end of the season. 

They didn't know how to handle a run-in and they weren't being taught. They were being left to fend for themselves and came up short season after season. While fans may not have recognised it, many were simply looking towards a cheque book to solve the problem. As a coach I have often talked about looking for the root cause, not simply addressing the issue as it shows itself, you have to know why it is happening and amend that. 

The root cause was the managers were not tackling the mental side of the game, they were living in the past, doing what they had been taught in their playing days, they hadn't moved with the times.

There isn't a winner in top level sport that does not understand the importance of the mental approach to success, the two go hand in hand. AVB was thought to be the man who could achieve that turnaround within the club, but alas that proved not to be the case, a successor was sought and after the name turned us down Pochettino was appointed.

he set about doing things right. he ripped out the old culture and replaced it with the traits of a winning one.

Tweet: Play like a champion today if you want to be a champion tomorrow

The above Tweet that you can click to use speaks volumes. Success doesn't happen if you are not prepared for it. If you are not doing all the things behind the scene that make success possible then it isn't possible. Mauricio Pochettino has changed the playing side club so that it operates as a successful club and what we are hearing from this bunch of players are the right messages, they are the sort of messages you would hear from Manchester United players under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The mentality is at last there and anyone coming in has to adopt the same mentality. As a player, it should be the mentality you want to come into, although you'll soon be found out if you arrive for a ride. This is how you become successful so this is what you must do, that is the rule at Spurs now, don't and it's goodbye quickly.

It doesn't suit every player, it doesn't suit every successful player, we play a young man's game, one that requires a level of fitness and expenditure of energy that becomes harder the older you get. Harry Kane has arrived on the scene at the right time and has embraced the change of mental approach.
"The gaffer is a great manager who has been good for everyone at the club. He has changed our philosophy and everyone is striving for greatness. 
"Obviously he's a great manager and it's important he does not leave, but that's down to him. He's done great things here already and he's only been here a short time. 
"The time to worry is when nobody is looking at you. He's a top manager, a top-class man as well and it is all positive at the moment, but we are not getting too carried away. 
"There hasn't really been a lot of talk about the title because the games have been coming so thick and fast, but we are still in three competitions where we are trying to achieve good things."

Striving for greatness, not looking to win something. For me that speaks volumes, it shouts total belief. It involves constantly winning, constantly improving. Remember me talking about bringing a winning mentality into the club and my saying it was not about winning games but to strive to improve every day to be the best you can be, results would take care of themselves. That is what we now have, that is what Mauricio Pochettino talked about in his after game press conference because that is what is important. 

It's been over 30 years since we have had the right philosophy, the right mentality at the club and it ios a joy to see it return. Future trophies are almost inevitable now.



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  1. The club has found the mental toughness of championship winning teams Coys



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