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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Do some clubs think they are above the law?

Spain and Italy seem rife with corruption, as does FIFA and you have to question UEFA who have made some ridiculous decisions over tournament size and the fifth official who I have never yet seen raise a flag, why does he carry one? These guys must be the most short-sighted officials in history, they never see anything.

  • Javier Mascherano admits tax evasion and hopes to stay out of jail by paying a bigger fine.
  • Lionel Messi faces tax fraud charges, as does his father.
  • The Neymar move to Barcelona is being investigated over corruption and tax fraud. In a separate case  in Brazil, Neymar had $50m (£34.5m) of assets frozen by a court.
  • Barcelona president is investigated over tax fraud
  • Barcelona found guilty of signing under-age players
  • Barcelona find a way around a transfer ban

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, washed his hands of any Barcelona wrongdoing, preferring to push blame elsewhere in his interview with the BBC. He claimed most players in Spain had been in tax review, which rather shows the corrupt practices that were taking place in Spain. He reveals  that players have had to pay extra taxes as a result. 

When you bear in mind the EU refused to give Spanish banks any more money until they collected loan payments from football clubs who weren't paying them and that authorities started collecting taxes from football clubs, or the 'helpful' land purchases by Real Madrid, you get the impression some clubs think they are above the law. 

He argued that it was the "responsibility of their tax advisors if they do things correctly or incorrectly" and "it is the private problems of the players". Are the clubs not paying the players taxes or is each player a separate company who merely submits an invoice as is responsible for his own affairs. When is the problem countrywide and not isolated to a few players trying to work the system?

What with the preferential treatment he feels his club should be entitled to, he has a warped view of the world. No doubt he will be hoping one of the five teams left who have received preferential treatment in the UEFA Europa League win it.



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