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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Do Leicester have the easiest run-in?

The priority is not to limit yourself to what you can achieve. Faint heart never won fair maiden. You continue to go for all three trophies and trust the squad.

The top four all have similar fixtures apart from perhaps Leicester who seem to have an easier run-in. However neither Leicester City nor Tottenham have been in this situation, it is all new to the players, how they will react is anyone's guess. We have players who have won titles, Toby Alderweireld has won both the Dutch and Spanish titles, but that type of experience is rare within the squad. That makes any game a potential banana skin. The goal has to be simply three points in the next game each time.

Our fixtures and the full 24 potential fixtures from now until the end of the season are shown below. We don't have another Premier League game until 28 February, in the meantime players can be rotated to retain freshness. 

You would expect a strong team for Fiorentina and rotation thereafter to prepare for the Swansea, West Han, Arsenal set of games.

18th Feb...         Fiorentina (Italy)(a) (Europa League Round of 32- 1st Leg)
21st Feb...         C Palace (h)  (FA CUP 5th Round)
25th Feb...         Fiorentina (h) (Europa League Round of 32-2nd Leg)
28th Feb...         Swansea (h)

2nd Mar...          West Ham United (a)
5th Mar...           Arsenal (h)
10th Mar...         Europa League (Last 16-1st Leg)
12th/13th Mar... FA Cup Q/F or Aston Villa (a)
17th Mar...         Europa League (Last 16-2nd Leg)
19th/20th Mar... Bournemouth (h)
26th Mar...         No Fixtures (International break 22-26 March)

2nd Apr...           Liverpool (a)
7th Apr...            Europa League Q/F 1st Leg
9th/10th Apr...    Manchester United (h)
14th Apr...          Europa League Q/F 2nd Leg
16/17th Apr...     Stoke City (a)
23/24th Apr...     WBA (h) or FA Cup Semi Final
28th Apr...          Europa League S/F 1st Leg
30th Apr/1 May  Chelsea (a)

5th May...           Europa League S/F 2nd Leg
7th/8th May...     Southampton (h)
15th May...         Newcastle United (a) (Last Day of Premier League Season)
18th May...         EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL (Basel)
21st May...         F A CUP FINAL (Wembley)

10tj June...         UEFA Euro 2016 (France)
10th July...         UEFA Euro 2016 FINAL (France)



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