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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dier says no excuses, Pellegrini makes excuses

Eric Dier said in the days leading up to the weekend game that Tottenham would not be using youth as an excuse. Manuel Pellegrini was looking fir any excuse he could find, effectively he was saying it wasn't our fault it was a biased referee.

He even went as far as suggesting the same referee, Mark Clattenburg, was at fault for them losing 4-1 at White Hart Lane. It can not help that it has been an open secret all season that Pepe Guardiola would be taking over next season. Thiery Henry suggesting nobody knew was well wide of the mark, everyone inside Manchester City would have known, we are seeing the result in their performances this season, it's a season that doesn't matter to the players. Pelligrini himself eventually revealed what people in the game already knew.

Hugo Lloris had little to do until later on in the game yet somehow Pelligrini thought City were the better side. Why can't people just be honest and say they weren't good enough, because they weren't with the players they have.

Arsenal have continually showed belief in themselves by coming back late in games to steal points. They have been doing it for season after season. None of this Plan B nonsense that some fans call for, they have total belief in their way of playing. That is exactly what we showed today and were doing last season.

The game lasts 90 minutes plus injury time, there is no rule to say when you have to win it. Go back a  few years and some Tottenham sides would have given in at 1-1, this side keeps going and takes advantage of any lapses.

The result cements the belief the side has in themselves, they have proven they can go anywhere any beat anyone. We outplayed Manchester United at Old Trafford only losing to a bad Bentaleb pass. We outplayed Arsenal at their place and made them look second rate while still learning our system.

Some of the away performances have been exceptional and all based on possession. If you have the ball the opposition can't score. Generally, a ball is in play for approximately 60 minutes so if you have 60% possession you have 36 minutes to score while the opposition only have 24 minutes.

Ten points above fifth, four points above fourth, surely there are few fans left that still don't appreciate Daniel Levy has found the right man and that the club is heading in the direction. Supporters can play their part through belief and support. It was great to see Eriksen score near our fans and run to them to celebrate, to see Pochettino make a point of going over there again. He hasn't shown that much emotion over a win with us before, that shows the importance of the game.

Another great week to be a Tottenham supporter. Don't listen to the killjoys, they haven't a clue what it takes to be successful, just enjoy the week.



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