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Monday, 15 February 2016

Am I the only one who understands why the penalty was given?

There was great debate in commentary and after the game from analysts about the penalty decision and they all say it wasn't a penalty, however, I can understand why it was given and Sterling only has himself to blame.

Mauricio Pochettino was interviewed after the game and he says he didn't see the penalty incident (audio below). He was on the near side of the pitch so with the ball the other side of Sterling there is no way he could.

The laws of the game are that the arms should not be in an unnatural position and DStering jumped, turned his back with his arm out. If it hits the arm and everyone agrees it does, whether that comes from the body or not is irrelevant, then it is a penalty. It would not have hit his arm had his arm not been out.

Jumping with your arms out is blocking a space and the laws now take account of this. It didn't brush his underarm as Niall Quinn was trying to claim and the underneath of the elbow is part of the arm, or , at least, it was when I was at school. It is a harsh penalty, yes but the bottom line is he shouldn't have had his arm out jumping across the line of the ball.

Danny Rose diving face first to stop a Sterling shot that hit him square in the chest, Sterling turned his back on the ball and gave away a penalty as a result. By jumping into the line of the ball, he is showing intent. He is intending to get into the way of the ball. If it hits his arm therefore, it is a free-kick and as it was inside the area, a penalty.

There would have been no complaints had we not received one, but Clattenburg was clear, the arm was raised so really these experts aren't following the rules of the game with their comments. They are making a decision on what they think the law should be, not what it is.

Great controversy for the media of course, but it was good to hear Rodney Marsh tweet that there could be no complaints Spurs were the better side. Rodney Marsh is a former Manchester City player of course and a rather talented one.

I recently wrote an article about high-velocity thinking (link below). This incident highlights what I was talking about. You pressure the opposition and force them to make decisions, Sterling made a wrong one. Blaming others is not a winning trait, look within.



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  1. I completely agree with that statement. He blocked what looked to be a decent cross with part of his arm, end of debate for me. Anyway, it was 1-1 again with City on the up when we scored a second. Happy days.

  2. The team with winning mentality won. City's mentality is not right. Le Arse lost their best defender yesterday and Leicester lost one player and struggled. This is our best chance to win it.



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