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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Abusing Onomah is pathetic

Do you live in the past, do you cling to the failures of the past like a crutch or do you look ahead and see the possibilities? Can you let go? Can you dare to believe a better future may be ahead?

Need to remember this:

Things are being put nicely into place. second best has not been accepted, nor has change for changes sake. It lacks strategic thinking to believe that each manager who has been appointed has been appointed for the long term. Certain managers excel at certain things, some fight relegation well but can't climb higher, some are good at taking a side and getting promotion. Some are good at building a side but can't build a future and some can take on a big project to restructure a whole club.

You employ some managers to do a job and then when something larger is required you look elsewhere. You appoint someone and really only then when they have been in the role can you tell whether they can achieve the club's vision. I have never been one for extending managers stay just for the sake of extending it. If someone isn't good enough to do the job you have employed them to do, time isn't going to make any difference, if they don't have the ability, they don't have the ability.

I was out today having a tea and cake with my Mum in a garden cafe and there was one guy there who ear-splittingly scraped his chair along the floor. It wasn't just a noise it made you duck your head and hold your ears, in a cafe that is populated by old age pensioners. He then promptly did it again immediately. Everyone else considered everyone else and managed to get in and out of their chairs without ear-splittingly scraping them. No doubt he is a car driver who doesn't say thank you when someone waits for him or doesn't turn his lights on in the rain believing they ae only there to see with and not to be seen with.

Now these are minor incidents but they highlight the mental makeup of an individual, they demonstrate traits that will manifest themselves in more significant areas. We have all seen drivers who think they own the road and can drive how they like, it is everyone else's responsibility to get out of their way.

There is a general lowering of standards in society today and children have little hope of turning into decent human beings being brought up by parents with low standards themselves. You see it in forums and amongst our own fans who think swearing and violence are 'macho' or manly. Such behaviour is pathetic. 

There has to be some form of discipline in life, there have to be rules and standards that need to be adhered to. Mauricio Pochettino has set standards for Tottenham players, you either toe the line or you leave. Those who have made selfish outburst have been dispensed with, those that take responsibility for themselves are thriving. A happy group with positive traits working for each other, as opposed to themselves.

The lessons are there for all to see. Most of us don't want to hear and don't want to know the mindless swearing and selfishness. Subjecting Josh Onomah to abuse is brainless. The youngster has to learn and develop, he isn't the finished article and the game against Crystal palace was an ideal opportunity to give him 90 minutes first team action and as it turned out, to experience what it was like to battle from behind.

Does abusing a player make him play better or is it simply for the ego of the idiots hurling the abuse? That passion needs to be channeled into a positive, there is a bigger picture to see. A young player with undoubted talent is being nurtured, as a Spurs fan would you not do your best to help that process along? I know I would, would you?

There are standards at Tottenham, there are a few who need to look in the mirror and raise theirs.



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