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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

2 weeks before Boris Johnson receives the stadium application

The application to Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for approval for the new stadium at White Hart Lane has not yet been made and will not be made for another two weeks yet.

Planning Permission - Stage 1
Once an application has been submitted, and if it meets the Mayor of London Order, the local planning authority is required to refer it to the Mayor. The Mayor has six weeks to provide comments on the application, assessing whether it complies with the London Plan policies. This is a consultation response known as stage one.

The application is then considered by the local planning authority at its planning committee, where it decides whether to grant or refuse permission.

This, as we know, has been done and planning permission from Haringey Council granted on 16 December 2015.

Planning Permission - Stage 2
Following its consideration, the local planning authority is then required to refer the application to the Mayor for his final decision, known as a Stage 2 referral. The Mayor has 14 days to make a decision to allow the local planning authority decision to stand, to direct refusal, or to take over the application, thus becoming the local planning authority.

I asked the Mayor of London's office in January for a date that the decision was made, only to discover that they have not received the application from Haringey Council yet and thus could provide no date. The relevant article is below.

STADIUM DELAY: Application NOT submitted to the Mayor of London

At a recent twitter Q and A session, Boris Johnson gave inconclusive answers which most assumed meant he had received the application and was still considering it. That is in fact not the case.

We are now in February and he has still NOT received the application for the new stadium so it looks very much as if Boris Johnson's final approval will not be given until March.

The club and Haringey Council are still tying up legal matters to have everything in place for the Mayor of London when it eventually goes to him, which I believe will be in a couple of weeks. Boris Johnson then has 14 days so we are looking at another month before the final approval is granted. I must stress that the club and Haringey Council are on the same page with the application and want every I dotted and every T crossed.

That will be another of those small steps climbed to get to where we want to be.



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