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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wimmer to get his Premier League chance

Wimmer to get his Premier League chance

Kevin Wimmer has had to be patient and learn our system while sitting on the bench as back-up to Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen.

I have seen suggestions more than once that Eric Dier should drop back into centre-back for the visit to Norwich City. Why?

He isn't really proven as a Premier League centre-back, there simply isn't enough evidence to suggest he is a better player than Wimmer in that role. But more than that, when you are forced to change something that works you make the change as minimal as possible. 

Our whole philosophy is based around a conveyor belt of talent, the idea being to minimise the impact of player loss with those coming through well versed in the system. A team that plays together, that stays together as much as possible and that grows together. When a player leaves as players do in football despite the fantasy notion some supporters cling to, there is another player who can simply slot into his role.

What you don't do is maximise the loss of a player by changing more parts than you need to. Eric Dier has been an unqualified success as a defensive midfielder, to move him doesn't make any sense, leave him doing exactly what he is doing.

If you have  a backup centre-back and then don't play him when a player gets injured what is the point of him staying at the club? You are telling him you don't trust him, you are telling him he isn't good enough. We would be flying in the face of your our own youth policy and be sending the wrong message to others. 

He came to this country with a reputation, he was expected to develop into a top-level centre-back. Well now is his chance. Like Ryan Mason, Harry Kane and Dele Alli he has to take his opportunity. It is the 23-yar-old's (24 in November) chance to say to the head coach through his performances that he belongs in the team. 
"This is a good example of when we rotate and give the possibilities to other players. You never know when something wrong can happen and we are sure Kevin [Wimmer] can do well. 
"He has had the possibility to play in different games, not as much as maybe he expects. But he has been good. He has shown the quality and his team-mates trust him. 
"It is important because you never know when a problem will arrive and maybe the player who does not play too much will be a key player to achieve big things. 
"I understand you ask me why we rotate but the squad is important. 
"If something happens in the future and you have the last five games of the Premier League, in this moment you need help from the player who has not played too much. If they deserve to play you need to give them the possibility to play. 
"Maybe the injury will be two months for Jan. You never know about injuries and how the knee reacts and the process. Sometimes it is early or late, all bodies are different, but in my mind it is two months. 
"He [Wimmer] is very calm, he has a very good left foot, he's very strong, and a very good person. He has a lot of good attributes.He is very young, and now he has more possibility to play. 
"He is like Vertonghen - but younger!"
Slotting him in minimises the loss of Vertonghen, there are fewer parts to go wrong if you only change one instead of two. The logical choice is that Wimmer starts against Norwich City and that he gets more experience of playing alongside Toby Alderweireld today.

If you have a youth policy you have to trust youth and it will once again show other youngsters that when an opportunity arises they could get their chance. That is a selling tool for potential purchases, it can only help to attract young talent to the club.



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