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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Vorm stories are interesting

Vorm stories are interesting

The Michel Vorm stories that Everton are interested and have him on a shortlist of three are interesting. There are plenty of questions to answer. Tim Howard is the number one in poor form at Everton, would a new keeper be replacing him or a backup keeper.

Given Howards injury record a backup keeper would hardly play, rather the same as we have at Spurs. Tottenham bought Vorm after he had lost his place at Swansea and he hasn't really fitted in at the club. His style of goalkeeping isn't in keeping with our requirements. Hugo Lloris is a sweeper keeper whereas Vorm is the traditional stay at home goalkeeper, a shot stopper as opposed to an all-round goalkeeper.

He isn't getting much of a look in because when he does he either makes a mistake or quite frankly looks as if he is going to make a mistake at any time. He does not inspire confidence and, therefore, can't inspire confidence in front of him in his defenders, rather crucial for a goalkeeper.

If he decided to leave it wouldn't be a disappointing loss, there has to be many keepers who could fulfil his role equally as well. Certainly you would not want him as the long term number one, his style doesn't suit our style. That isn';t to say he is a nad keeper, he just doesn't suit our style of play and changing the ingrained habits of a goalkeeper is a lot harder than changing the habits of an outfield player. A stay at home keeper will always be a stay at home keeper.

To me he is a poorer version of Brad Friedel. he was a top goalkeeper who served us well and didn't let us down, Vorm just doesn't give that vibe.

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