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Friday, 8 January 2016

Video help works in rugby but is abused in cricket

The next and most obvious step, given that it has been introduced into other sports, is video evidence to help referees get decisions right. The proposal is that it is introduced in 2018/19.

Vido is a contentious issue. In rugby, it has worked well, but then rugby does many things so much better than football, like not allowing talking back to the referee. In rugby has referee has, as a result, total respect. It is rare you see the press complaining about decisions. In football players argue with the referee all the time and use it systematically to get him to favour a side in future decisions. Chelsea, for instance, used it as a team tactic John Terry once revealed I believe. They all surround the referee and pressure him, the idea being that he will feel obligated to make a big decision their way and there are many instances of it appearing to work.

It is simple to stop yet the powers that be have done nothing to protect the referee. Adopt the rugby and the whole issue almost goes away. The captain should be the only player allowed to talk to the referee and when the referee is speaking to another player, other players should not be within 10 yards. Instead, they all hang around to see if they agree with the decision and start to complain if they don't.

There are all these respect campaigns running but the powers that be don't even respect their own officials!

Back to video and the detractors will tell you rugby is a stop-start game that lends itself to the use of video replays. There is no reason why football can't use it say when a goal is scored and the referee wants to check a player was onside. The game has stopped so there isn't a problem and it generates interest for those watching both inside and outside the stadium.

In cricket, the system has been abused and is now a bit of a joke. The official (umpire) no longer initially looks at a bowlers foot so he gets away with what they would call in tennis a foot fault. The opposition should get an extra run and an extra ball but the umpires miss so many now it has become a joke. 

The video replay was supposed to be the captain requesting a replay if they though a decision was wrong but now teams have a 15-second debate before they ask for a matter to be referred, without having to give a reason why. Now a video replay is called in hope and in many cases to try and get a decision that they don't even believe in themselves. It is used as an additional tactic rather than what it is intended for, to overturn a genuine mistake from the official. The system in cricket needs a complete overhaul.

It is OK introducing video evidence but it is far more important how you control its use. In rugby it is in the hands of the referee, in cricket it is in the hands of the players most of the time and umpires use it generally because they are not doing their job properly.

Will we have players insisting XYZ was offside and calling for a video replay or will the matter be at the total discretion of the referee? Will players be able to surround the referee as they do now to pressure him or will the powers that be actually back their officials by banning all players apart from a captain talking to them?

Introducing video replays is one thing, how you use them is entirely another and its a minefield.

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  1. At last Clive we have some common ground my friend !!!

    I believe in my simplistic way of thinking a captain has 3 calls per half, permitted for any goal scoring opportunity/incident within the final 3rd of the pitch.
    It would be good for the live fans as you could get a replay of the incident closely on the big screen which you dont always/ever get.
    The right decision would be concluded 99% of the time.
    Its down to the captain to use his calls wisely instead of questioning everything.
    And it wouldnt slow up the game at all, all ready if there is the slightest incident with keepers running 60/70 yards to get involved in the decision 'negotiation' as it stands already the viewers have already had 5/6 replays from different angles slowed and in normal time and have mainly come to the right conclusion already, while players r still waving their arms about or getting treatment.
    There is so much riding on games in the modern world that human error/influence should be irradicated if it can be.
    The refs need help the game moves super fast theres cheating going on everywhere theres 22 highly paid spoiled brats theyr trying to keep in check, exagerated managers and coaching staff, a stadium full of beying fans, the media etc. It is not an easy job especially when the ball can be exchanged from one end to the other quicker than usaine bolt can run.
    Were in a modern age where people couldnt imagine not having a mobile phone with apps to help guide them through their simple day, only the dinosours at FIFA wouldnt think technology isnt needed or useful.
    I personally think there is a corrupt depth in football due to the money at the top that gives a lot of dubious decisions to the Media teams Faves/establishment, but thats a different topic altogether.

  2. Well if I write enough we had to find common ground somewhere! We'll have to try and build on that. As long as Spurs are winning we will hopefully both be happy.

    I agree with you final paragraph and always remember Luiz not being sent off for Chelsea (away) against Newcastle when he was the last man and brought the player down from behind. A more blatant sending off you couldn't find. If memory serves



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