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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tracey following Bill Nicholson, Ron Burgess, Ted Ditchburn

For those of us from Kent who spent out youth passing Stonebridge Road where Gravesend and Northfleet played, the name Ebbsfleet is not quite the same. Manager Daryl McMahon was an academy coach before stepping into the manager's seat so knows about handling youth players and what is important for them.

He has not allowed a circus around Tracey, he hasn't allowed clubs interested in him, and there are plenty, to pull him this way and that with offers. Tottenham have expressed an interest, took him on trial, he went on trial to Charlton and Ipswich Town also. Then the other clubs watching him were all put on hold while the Tottenham angle is explored.

Clearly that has gone well. Tracey has come on trial, been on a tour to America, had a medical and if the local Kent Messenger are correct then he'll be signing by the weekend.

"Tottenham’s a great club. They’ve got great coaches there, a brilliant philosophy, they bring players through, they believe in nurturing talent and they don’t make robots. 
"If you look at the young players they’ve got there, they're exciting players, not the sort of bog-standard, safe players that you see at a lot of other clubs."
There is no fight for his signature because his club won't allow it, they don't feel it is in his best interests as they told the media recently. It is rather nice to see a local player come from a local club to Tottenham and his career is one I'll watch with interest as he is in some illustrious company.

Goalkeeper Ted Ditchburn was born in Gillingham and played for our then nursery side Northfleet United before making over 400 hundred appearances for us between 1939 and 1958. He won eight England caps, won the Division Two title in 1949/50 and the First Division in 1950/51. he is credited with developing the short throw to start our push and run tactics in the 50's.

Tottenham were helping Northfleet from 1923 while the nursery status wasn't made official until 1931 and this lasted until the outbreak of World War II. Northfleet merged with Gravesend in 1946 and is now known as Ebbsfleet United.

Ron Burgess and a certain Bill Nicholson also wore the Northfleet colours so Tracey is following in some illustrious footsteps.

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