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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Townsend training with Under-21's

Townsend training with Under-21's

Andros Townsend played his fifth Development Squad game in a row last night against Chelsea and scored a couple in a 4-5 defeat. He is effectively no longer a part of the first-team at Tottenham as he also trains with the Under-21 side.

This was confirmed by the commentators at the game last night so while we have Fazio who isn't playing so he doesn't get injured, Townsend is playing by personal choice for the Development side. It is important for him to keep his fitness levels up as if and when he moves he wants to be playing football regularly in a bid to force his way back into the 2016 European Championship squad. Time is running out with over half the season gone and no first team football for four months. 

I reported remarks from Pochettino in a previous article where he said players have to realise they are bought to train, not to play. The club hires a coach to decide who plays. Clearly then you have to do what the coach wants and not what you want, something it has been suggested Townsend is guilty of.

He doesn't want to leave Spurs and has offered to go out on loan for the remainder of the season, but he no longer figures in Pochettino's plans and thus the club will only consider a sale.

His valuation looks high at £14-million (US$20.33m - AUS$29.25m - €18.69m) and I don't see anyone willing to pay that for a player who no longer plays first team football. 

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