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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Team building, team bonding, vital

The Tottenham camp seem to be a happy camp with the players bonding on a trip to Barcelona that saw a group of them played rock paper scissors to see who will have to buy a pair of Croc shoes and don Messi gear, as well as wearing them to breakfast.

Eric Dier has been posting an old video asking if this is Dele Alli singing, Alli responds by Tweeting to Eric Diet that this is war.

After a Tweet from Dele Alli (click his name to visit Twitter), Dier responds with a singing video and Allu declares war. 

Can we please make this s new celebration 😂😂😂😂😂

No better timing for this

Eric diet this is war

All these little games help bonding, so important if you are going to be in the trenches with your mates trying to win a title. You have to have total trust, you have to be happy to see a teammate come on, you have to happy that he can do a job and not let anyone down. 

That all comes from team spirit, it comes from letting your hair down together. No stars, just all equal mates together. Reminds me of a few football trips in my youth to the Lake District and Devon, happy days. Still have the cut glass crystal they all bought me for my 21st.

It is an art to blend together players of mixed ability and backgrounds into a team. Simply buying players of ability isn't enough, that doesn't guarantee success. You have to create an environment where a group choose to work together to achieve a shared team outcome. 

Players who don't fit into that group are not going to fit into the team in general. We have seen Kaboul, Adebayor, Lennon, Capoue, Townsend all removed from the first team group as they were not conducive to a happy young dressing room. Simply training together does not make a team, only shared goals, objectives and a shared identity do.

Create the environment, create the motivation, create the desire, create the team creates the results.

The reason clubs have new signings do an initiation is not simply for a bit of fun, it is to aid the gelling process, it is to strip them of everything and make them just like everyone else. It is to take them out of their comfort zone and be laughed at, it breaks down barriers and makes a player one of them, at least it starts the process.

The players trip to Barcelona is more than just a jolly, the players are having fun, but they are cementing a team spirit also. Players like Harry Winks, who lost the rock paper scissors game, are equals in the group, thus when they are called upon to come on for the first team they are simply joining mates, which makes it easier for them to perform to their ability. It is so so important that environment is created.

Clearly it is.



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