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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Success follows belief, that's the Pochettino way

Players of old didn't rotate, they didn't get rested, second elevens weren't played in the cups and yet they still won things. Think of Liverpool in the 70's. it was called football then and it's called football now, it's the same game it just has more money in it.

Mauricio Pocheyyino was brought up in a tough school of football where you had to be a workaholic to survive and he demands nothing less from his players now. Tiredness was not an option then and it isn't an option now. The body has fully recovered from a game of football in 48 hours, what is important is what the player does during that time to aid his recovery and that is where today's game has advanced, Now everything is measured and adjusted, training is adjusted to suit the body.

Fitness levels were sought before the season started, during the season you just maintain them so any new signing first has to get Pochettino fit while learning the movement to play our system. Football is a game that has far more coach input than perhaps fans realise. What seems like a great piece of vision from a player is, in fact, a rehearsed move from the training ground involving many spokes that all have a job to do off the ball to create the situation for the 'individual' creativity.

Barcelona under Pep Guardiola were masters of this, their short passing game was largely a product of the training field, it's why they had a dip in form when he left before a new jigsaw could be worked on. Once again players who have been brought up in a system of football where the team comes first, which happens for the youth in Iberia but not Northern Europe, come to the fore. Understanding the role of your teammates helps understanding a team game, a team approach and aides the training of intricate passing patterns.

Barcelona were masters of unlocking a tight defence through rehearsed passing patterns. When players were left more to their own devices when he left they struggled until they learnt something new. The coach plays a far higher role in a football game in Spain than they do over here which is why Mauricio Pochettino says the only way we can not achieve is if we stop working hard.

There are no excuses from Pochettino, no doom and gloom that we need this or we need that. We achieve with what we have, an adaptable squad or we achieve with additions, either way working hard on the training ground comes first. If you are not prepared to do that work and learn how to play the system then your skill has no place at our table.

The work involves the physical, but it also involves the mental. Quite apart from learning the playing patterns a player has to learn to believe. A dream is just a dream if you don't believe in it and it won't be achieved if you don't believe in it. You have to believe first and success comes second, success never arrives without belief first.

Winners welcome challenges, losers shy away from them, in our fans cases citing reality. That reality is that approach means failure. If you don't believe and that means truly totally believe, then your success is actually a failure to achieve. You don't think you can so you don't, you get what you expect, failure.

Promoting that negativity is promoting failure. To Dare is To Do. It isn't to think you can't do and then don't do, it's to believe you can do and then go and do.

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