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Thursday, 14 January 2016

STADIUM DELAY: Application NOT submitted to Mayor of London

Back in December, a Special Planning Meeting was held by Haringey Council who gave planning permission for Tottenham Hotspur to build the new stadium which left only the Mayor of London to give his approval.

We had all been expecting by now that the Mayor of London would have signed off the construction to replace White Hart Lane but that is not the case. Given he has 14 days to give his decision, why have we not heard anything?

Daniel Levy announced on the club's official website on 16 December 2015 that the application was due to be considered by the Mayor of London early the following week. 

"This marks yet another milestone in what has been a long and often difficult path. We are grateful to all those who expressed their support for the scheme. It is crucial that we now clear the final steps in the legal process. The application is due to be considered by the Mayor early next week."

Here is the link: Spurs Official Website - Project Update

Because of the delay and Christmas, bank holidays, New year I asked the Mayor of London's office when the 14 day period finished and was rather surprised by their email reply, received on 12 January 2016.

The Senior Strategic Planner in the Mayor of London Planning Office tells me the application hasn't even been made to the Mayor of London yet.

"The Mayor has 14 days to respond from the date that Haringey Council refers the application to him. The application has not yet been referred so I am unable to confirm when the Mayor will consider the case."

He goes on to say that this is quite normal and that there will be further legal discussions taking place between Tottenham and Haringey Council. What they are perhaps a builder could enlighten us.

Another month will have slipped by in a couple of days and once again everything seems to be dragging along when those of us on the outside think it should be moving along. I'll have to have a dig into the S106 agreement which I believe is the hold up now.



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